Product series

3.35MW-6.7MWh  Energy Storage System

3.35MW-6.7MWh Energy Storage System

1.The 3.35MW-6.7MWH string liquid-cooled energy storage system focuses on safety, with a prefabricated compartment design that effectively separates the battery compartment from the electrical compartment.
2. the system adopts the string connection method to enhance the safety of the overall system.
3.On the power generation side, it can be used for energy time-shifting, system frequency regulation and renewable energy grid integration.
4.In the power generation side, it can be used in important areas such as energy time shift, system frequency regulation, and grid connection of renewable energy.
100KW-215KWh C&I Energy Storage System

100KW-215KWh C&I Energy Storage System

1.The BATTLINK 215 commercial & industrial energy storage system adopts the All in one design concept.
2.The cabinet is integrated with battary management system (BMS),energy management system (EMS),modular power conversion system(PCS),and fireprolec tian system.
3. The system’s capecify is up to 215 kwh and the power is up to 100 kW.
4.The modular design allows for flexible expansion, adapting to various scenarios such as power expansion, backup power supply, and black start(The ability to restore power without relying on the help of other networks after the power system is out of service due to a fault.).
5.The BATTLINK 215 intelligent energy storage system is directly connected to the low-voltage side, and can realize multi-connection cabinets and flexible expansion. It can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial application scenarios.
Three-phase High Voltage Home Storage

Three-phase High Voltage Home Storage

1.Perfectly compatible:Compatible with both single-phase and three-phase household inverters.Supports AC coupling and DC coupling.
2.Modular design:Flexible combination of scalable capacity;Easy maintenance and troubleshooting.
3.Safe and Reliable:Lithium iron phosphate battery;High cycle stability,longlife.
4.Rack Mounting:Easy to install,no on-siteassembly required;Quick and easy to use.
Low Voltge  Single Phase All in One ESS

Low Voltge Single Phase All in One ESS

1.Durable:The power supply shell is made of steel plate thickened by electrostatic spraying to ensure the strong structure of the battery.
2.Easy installation:The power output port adopts a quick plug and pull connector, easy for users to operate.
3.Strong compatibility:Equipped with Canbus/RS485 communication interface, can be compatible with various
mainstream brands on the market inverter, providing greater compatibility and flexibility.
4.Data monitoring:Equipped with Canbus/RS485 communication interface, can be compatible with various mainstream brands on the market inverter, providing greater compatibility and flexibility.
Wall-mounted  Home Energy Storage

Wall-mounted Home Energy Storage

1.10X Capacity:Can support up to 10 machines combined to meet your energy needs.
2.Safe and Durable:All-around protection, no need for personnel supervision, ten-year life span design.
3.Convenient and Fast:Supports wall or floor stand mounting for easy placement.
4.Flexible compatibility:Intelligent BMS is compatible with solar systems and integrates more than 20 inverter communication protocols.
5.Stable and Reliable:Built-in high-quality battery intelligent management system to ensure power stability and reliability.
6.Real-time monitoring:APP can view data in real time, intelligent solution configuration.
720kWp-500kW-1.29MWh PV Energy Storage System

720kWp-500kW-1.29MWh PV Energy Storage System

1.Flexible configuration:Support multiple parallel to MW levelMultiple;MPPT modular design, maximum support 240KWp.
2.Smart and user-friendly:Seamless switching between parallel and off-grid status, uninterrupted power supply to the load;High integration, convenient for transportation.
3.Easy installation:Convenient transportation and simple on-site construction;IP55 protection to meet outdoor installation requirements.
4.Safe and Reliable:Redundant design of important functions Efficient thermal management design and active fire;protection system ensure system safety.
372kWh Liquid Cooling Energy Storage Cabinet

372kWh Liquid Cooling Energy Storage Cabinet

1.BATTLINK outdoor energy storage cabinets are equipped with advanced integrated design and liquid cooling technology, which significantly improves the cycling performance of the electric core.
2.The modular design makes it easy to achieve flexible expansion to adapt to various application scenarios, such as electric power expansion, standby power supply, peak/valley arbitrage and demand control.
3.It is suitable for various industrial and commercial parks, hospitals, mining areas, airports and petrol stations, providing reliable energy security for various places.
BATTTLINK Energy Storage DC Cabinet

BATTTLINK Energy Storage DC Cabinet

1.Better Cost:Bigger modular design, higher system integration;Fast and easy transportation and operation.
2.Flexible and Friendly:Modular design, easy installation and maintainance;Good compatibility and can be expanded as needed.
3.Smart and Efficient:Dedicated BMS and intelligent temperature control, higher efficiency;Comprehensive DC safety management, rapid short circuit breaking.
4.Safe and Reliable:Use LiFePO4 Battery, more than 6000 cycles;Integratedintelligent fire protection system, real-time monitoring and early warning, safe and reliable.
BATTLINK Control Cabinets

BATTLINK Control Cabinets

1.The BATTLINK control cabinet integrates an isolation transformer and STS to improve power safety and ensure the continuity of power supply.
2.The integrated design greatly improves customer deployment efficiency and reduces installation costs.
3.BATTLINK control cabinets are designed to ensure stable operation of the energy storage system and uninterrupted power supply.


BATTLINK Power conversion system adopts advanced digital control technology to optimize the control performance and improve the reliability of the system, which is used as the interface between the energy storage and the power grid for power transmission, power regulation and stabilizing the quality of power, and protects the industrial and commercial energy storage to be integrated into the power grid.