32700 Cylindrical Cell

32700 Cylindrical Cell

Product advantages

  Extremely long cycle life(1C cycle at room temperature > 3000 times, 1C cycle at 55 °C > 1500 times, 3C cycle at room temperature > 1000 times)

▪ Super safety performance (using safety double insurance technology)

  Lower self-discharge (<1%/ month)

  Higher consistency

  Flexible assembly

Technical advantages

▪  Strong R&D team

  New lithium-ion battery manufacturing process

▪  Intelligent production equipment

  Standardized fully automatic cell production

  Annual production capacity of 3GWH

  Whole process quality control

Product certification

Approved with UL,CE, IEC62133, IEC62619, IEC61960, BIS, PSE, RoHS, UN38.3, MSDS and other professional certifications.


UN38.3 of LiFePO4-32700-6.0Ah(SZABB191228025-01)
UL1642 Certificate of LiFePO4 Cell 32700(SZABB191031002-01)
PSE Certificate for 32700 6Ah LiFePO4 Cell(ATSZABB191031007)
MSDS of LiFePO4-32700-6.0Ah
IEC62619 CB Certificate TUV
IEC61960-2011 Test Report of LiFePO4-32700-6.0Ah(SZABB191031006-01)
CE certifcation
CB IEC62133-2017 Certificate of LiFePO4-32700
32700 3.2V6AH RoHs Directive

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