Talent Development

Employee benefits

Employee benefits:

Fat salary, varies posts, free accommodation and boarding, apartment-style dormitory (equipped with air conditioning, water heaters, double bathrooms), social insurance, promotion space, free training, birthday benefits, high temperature subsidies, maternity leave, marriage leave, annual health examination, working age award, year-end bonus, performance award and many other welfare policies.

Promotion channel

Promotion channel:

  Establish hierarchical promotion and grade platform development management system;

  Provide career channels to all 7 levels and grades;

  Provide internal work shift/ competition/ job transfer opportunities, giving you a platform for all-round development;

  The company develops rapidly, the organization is rapidly amplified, and there is unlimited room for growth.

Training improvement

Training improvement:

  Provide free internal vocational skills training to enhance personal competitiveness;

  Provide employees with domestic and foreign study and management training opportunities;

  Provide employees with opportunities for further study, training and education, and encourage employees to self-study in the spare time;

  External training, external training, internal learning exchange and other learning methods for you to choose;

  Huaxing New Energy adheres to the enterprise talent concept of “Equality, Pragmatism and Passion”, and advocates equality for everyone in talent selection;

  Maintain the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness. Employees shall be pragmatic and hardworking, have the courage to take responsibility, work passionately, pursue perfection, and be self-reliant. 

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Copyright © Huaxing New Energy

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