Heavyweight | Huaxing New Energy won the title of a new brand in the lithium electric bicycle industry



On June 19, 2020, with the theme of "industrial upgrading and ecological integration", the 2020 China (lithium battery) electric bicycle industry ecological conference was held in Grand Cloud International Hotel, Pingshan, Shenzhen, jointly sponsored by China Auto Broad Business Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and co sponsored by Chaowei Group, sponsored by Start Lithium Power Big Data, Start Electric Network and China New Energy Entrepreneur Club (SNEC).
Leaders from leading enterprises of 100+electric bicycles and shared power exchange, 100+lithium batteries, and 200+materials and equipment gathered in Pingshan, Shenzhen, to seek the development of lithium electric bicycle industry.
Five awards including the top ten lithium battery brands of China's two wheel electric vehicles were officially announced on the same day! Our company won the title of "2019 - 2020 New Brand in Lithium Electric Bicycle Industry"!

At the lithium electric bicycle special session, Mr. Ma Zhengfa, the general manager of the company's marketing center, delivered a speech with the theme of "Product Solutions for Electric Two wheel/Tricycle".

Mr. Ma Zhengfa, General Manager of Marketing Center
President Ma pointed out that the most important points for everyone are safety, price, mileage and service life. Huaxing chose the 3270 cylindrical electric core because of its high cost performance, long service life, group flexibility, and energy density.

At the conference, he was invited to discuss on the theme of "How to Seize the Market Opportunities of the Bicycle Lithium Battery Industry Chain" in a round table dialogue and share the following views:
The market space of electric bicycle or electric motorcycle is very large, and it is only a starting point at present. Whether it is a ternary battery or a lithium iron battery, it is still in the process of technological development. Huaxing is to do a good job in its products. We hope to be the best 32700 cylindrical battery in China to solve the pain points of users. For the battery of electric bicycle, the most fundamental thing to solve the problems of consistency, cycle life and capacity degradation is to do a good job in the battery. For our company, we just want to practice our internal skills and make the best 32700 battery. We also cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises, such as car manufacturers and operators, with an open mind, to make the electric bicycle industry bigger and bigger. The key is the product, and of course, the innovation of the business model. The most important thing is the product!