Hunan Huaxing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd



Huaxing New Energy is engaged in the production, R&D and sales of materials, cells and battery packs related to power and energy storage batteries, and the import and export of new energy related goods and technologies. It focuses on cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries with advantages of high safety, high power, long cycle life and strong environmental adaptability, and is widely used in new energy fields such as electric vehicles, energy storage base stations, wind lighting, electric tools, low-speed electric vehicles, and two - and three wheel scooters. It has a senior technology research and development team in the industry, a production workshop covering more than 50000 square meters, and advanced equipment with an annual output of 3kWh batteries and PACK, It also implements a strict quality standard system, and the products meet the safety and environmental protection certification requirements of PSE, UL, UN38.3, CB, ROHS, IEC series, etc. In addition to meeting the domestic market demand, the current products are also exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea and other foreign markets.