Review of fire drill in Hunan Huaxing in the first half of the year



In order to ensure that the Company's employees can correctly, calmly and effectively respond to emergencies such as fire and have sufficient ability to ensure the safety of the Company's property and their own, the fire emergency drill for the first half of 2020 is specifically conducted in the Company on July 13, 2020 to strengthen fire safety management, improve the safety awareness and safety skills of all employees, and better test the Company's ability to save themselves and rescue themselves in safety, so that all employees can effectively To flexibly and flexibly handle sudden safety accidents, we hereby organize fire emergency evacuation drills.


All staff gather to participate in the drill

Fire fighting equipment, equipment and facilities are necessary weapons for fire fighting, and they should be familiar with the technical performance of various fire fighting equipment, equipment and facilities; Scope of application, use and maintenance requirements, and educate the masses to correctly use fire-fighting equipment, give full play to the role of fire-fighting equipment in fire fighting, and put out the fire in a timely manner.


The Safety and Environment Office explains the operation rules

1) When using portable dry powder extinguisher, the handle of the extinguisher shall be carried to the fire place quickly.
2) Put down the fire extinguisher about 5 meters from the fire point. When used outdoors, it shall occupy the upwind direction.
3) Before use, shake the extinguisher up and down to loosen the dry powder in the cylinder.
4) When using built-in or stored pressure dry powder fire extinguishers, first pull out the safety pin, hold the nozzle with one hand, and use the other hand to press down the handle to aim at the root of the flame for spraying.


Drill in progress


Use dry powder extinguisher

Ordinary dry powder extinguishing agent is mainly composed of active extinguishing component, hydrophobic component and inert filler. The hydrophobic component mainly includes silicone oil and hydrophobic white carbon black. There are many kinds of inert fillers, which mainly play the role of anti vibration compaction, caking, improving the movement performance of dry powder, catalyzing the polymerization of dry powder silicone oil and improving the compatibility with foam extinguishing agent. This kind of ordinary dry powder extinguishing agent has been widely used at home and abroad.


Use carbon dioxide extinguisher

Carbon dioxide extinguisher A fire extinguisher that uses the liquid carbon dioxide charged to eject fire. It is composed of cylinder, bottle valve, injection system and other components. Divided into:

(1) Portable carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. The total weight is less than or equal to 28kg, and the specifications are 2kg, 3kg, 5kg and 7kg;

(2) Transportable carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. The total weight is more than 28kg, and the specifications are 20kg and 25kg. Carbon dioxide extinguisher is suitable for putting out the initial fire of various flammable liquids and gases. And the fire of live equipment, precision electronic instruments and valuable equipment. However, it should not be used outdoors when there is strong wind. After use in narrow and closed spaces, ventilation or personnel should be evacuated from the site in time to prevent suffocation.


Use water hydrant to extinguish fire

1 Open the fire hydrant door and take out the water hose and water gun.

2 Check whether the water hose and connector are in good condition. If they are damaged, they shall not be used.

3 Lay water hose in the direction of fire site, and avoid twisting.

4 Connect the water hose with the fire hydrant, insert the connecting buckle into the chute accurately, and tighten it clockwise.

5 After the connection is completed, at least two operators hold the water gun tightly and aim at the water source (it is strictly prohibited to aim at people to avoid high pressure injury). The other operator slowly opens the fire hydrant valve to the maximum and shoots at the root of the fire source to extinguish the fire until the fire is completely extinguished. After putting out the fire, the fire hose must be opened to dry the water, and it can only be folded into the fire hydrant after being checked and confirmed that it is not damaged.

Precautions: In case of fire caused by electricity, cut off the power before putting out the fire;

It is prohibited to use fire hydrants to extinguish fires caused by large quantities of oil.


Fire fighting pithy formula

01. Get familiar with the environment and secretly mark the exit.

02. The exit of the passage is unobstructed.

03. Extinguish small fires and benefit others.

04. Identify the direction and evacuate quickly.

05. Do not go into dangerous places or covet property.

06. Simple protection, cover your nose and crawl.

07. Make good use of the passage, and do not enter the elevator.

08. Escape slowly and slide rope to save yourself.

09. Place of refuge, and stand firm for help.

10. Shake gently and ask for help.

11. Don't run away when the fire is in your body.

12. Jumping off a building is skillful, although it is detrimental to survival.

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