Embedded Software Engineer

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Minimum education:


Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:


Work area:


Job responsibilities:

1. Program design, modification and optimization of protection board and related electronic modules, and upper computer programming.

2. Battery system technology connection, electrical schematic design, BMS/protection board selection, etc.

3. BMS/protection board, battery system software debugging/simulation, system integration joint debugging, testing, etc.


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, automation, measurement and control, computer, etc.

2. Familiar with C, C++, VB and other language programming, familiar with 8/16/32 software programming for SCM or ARM processor, and have experience in programming SCM products or electronic modules from ST, NXP, TI and other manufacturers.

3. Be familiar with the use of Keil and other embedded software development tools, program simulation debugging, and be able to independently read English related materials;

4. Be familiar with the programming of Uart, ADC, I2C, SPI and other MCU peripherals, and be familiar with the use of Uart, RS232, RS485, CAN and other buses.

5. Familiar with the working principle of single chip microcomputer, embedded system and peripheral circuit, and the knowledge of analog and digital circuit, with a certain circuit hardware foundation.

6. Working experience in BMS software design and battery PACK is preferred.

7. Rigorous thinking, clear logic, positive working attitude, strong sense of responsibility, good communication and teamwork skills;