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Minimum education:


Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:


Work area:


Job responsibilities:

1. Energy storage project management, including product/scheme/system design, equipment selection, product testing, project process management and other project related work;

2. Scheme design: timely and effectively obtain customer needs, formulate and implement corresponding electrical schemes, including the selection, customization and adaptation of BS, PCS, BMS, EMS and other energy storage systems and auxiliary electrical components, draw corresponding electrical schematic diagrams, system diagrams, equipment layout drawings, site layout drawings, etc., and promote the electrical construction related work of energy storage projects;

3. Be responsible for guiding the installation of on-site systems of photovoltaic energy storage power generation system, conducting technical confirmation for on-site changes, and participating in system commissioning;

4. Be responsible for drawing and proofreading the construction design drawings of the energy storage system.

5. Organize and coordinate departments related to products, ensure the connection and smoothness of resources and processes of products within the company, and coordinate to solve corresponding problems;


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, majored in energy, photovoltaic, power electronic engineering, electrical automation, electromechanical and other related disciplines, with more than 3 years of design experience in solar photovoltaic power plants or energy storage power plants;

2. Proficient in English, able to communicate in English, can make design plans, bids, etc. in English, and participate in answering questions, responding to bids, etc;

3. Have the foundation of solar photovoltaic power generation, be able to calculate electric energy according to the parameters such as light intensity, time, load power, understand the characteristics of components, inverters, power distribution equipment, and be able to design the overall scheme;

4. Be familiar with relevant grid side standards, power electronic topology, and have some experience in circuit design, be proficient in electrical schematic diagrams, be proficient in the application of commonly used electrical design software in the industry, and be familiar with relevant national electrical design specifications;

5. Experience in the development of energy storage hardware equipment such as battery pack/module, energy storage PCS, battery management system BMS, energy management system EMS is preferred;

6. Have good communication and coordination ability, be proactive and eager to learn, and be able to cooperate with the team well.

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