Purchaser/Procurement Engineer (Ningxiang)

Negotiate In Person

Minimum education:


Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:


Work area:


Job Responsibilities:
1. Procurement Plan And Implementation;
2. The 5r Principle Ensures That The Supply Meets The Production Requirements;
3. Supplier Development/management And Quality Control;
4. Cost Analysis And Control;
5. Timely Handle The Standard Process Of Procurement Affairs And Report And Improve Exceptions.

Job Requirements:
1. College Degree Or Above, More Than Two Years Of Relevant Working Experience In Large Manufacturing Enterprises;
2. Capable Of Supplier Management And On-site Audit;
3. Strong Ability Of Cost Analysis, Price Comparison And Negotiation;
4. Actively Working, Strong Sense Of Responsibility, Communication, Coordination Ability, Digital Concept And Logic Ability;
5. Mandarin Standard, Good Language Organization Ability, Proficient In Excel, Word, Ppt And Other Office Software, No Bad Habits.

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